FIAF technical commission recommendation on the deposit and acquisition of D-cinema elements for long term preservation and access, 2010


Call number

Combination of symbols (letters, numbers, signs) that identifies an item within an archive, its placement within the classification system, and location within the stacks.
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Archival description focusing on a document’s objective data (title, credits, production type, producer, duration, storage media, etc.), which serves to identify it.


* (1) Operation that consists in putting in physical and intellectual order archive documents within files, and files within collections. It is conducted in accordance with the principle of respect des fonds or, when this is not possible, based on chronological, geographical, digital, alphabetical, or thematic criteria. This classification leads to the creation of an archive’s assets, their valuation, and the attribution of their storage location. It also informs how the search tool is completed.

* (2) Operation that consists in organising physical documents, inserting them into the relevant file.

* (3) Procedure aiming to protect a private archive collection, in accordance with regulations relating to archives or cultural assets.

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Deposit slip

Document proving the deposit and providing a list of all the documents or files handed over to the archive department by the depositor. The deposit slip serves as an official delivery receipt and search tool.
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Packing list

List indicating what is contained within a parcel or box. This list is an extract from the inventory and is used to check that the storage media in the boxes are those that were expected.

It should contain at the very least:

  • the reference or call number
  • the type of storage media
  • the title inscribed on the storage media
  • its origin (within the previous storage system)
  • its destination (within the future storage system)

Record check (archives)

Operation that consists in drawing up a topographical list of the items stored by an archive department or as part of a collection. It also serves to check the entirety of an archive department’s records, either periodically or when there is a change in management.

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Systematic check of an archive’s collections, conducted either when an archive department is established or on a given date. A list is drawn up, following the order of the stacks and shelving, listing the items in storage and those that are missing, when checked against those listed in the search tool.

Source : Direction des archives de France

Search tool

Paper or IT tool listing or describing a set of archive documents, in order to introduce them to readers.

Fundamental search tools include collection appraisals, guides, basic appraisals and deposit statements, methodical or digital indexes, deposit slips, basic or analytical inventories, catalogues, index inventories.
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Synonym : Inventory (within archives)

Selection / Elimination

Selection : Generic term designating all operations that consist in separating the items within an archive that are to be preserved from those that are to be destroyed.

Elimination : Regulatory procedure that consists in destroying documents when their conservation is no longer justified. This is one of the three final processing options of documents, as outlined in the archive management table*.

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